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The Power is in the Name

Posted on April 22, 2013 at 8:56 AM
The Power is in the Name 
This class may become shocking and it may even appear to be speaking directly to you. If so don’t take it personal for your blessings are on the way.
 I want to start out with a testimony and it will only take just a moment.   I want you all to know that I have been blessed to be saved, and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in tongues as the spirit of God gave utterance and I’ve been water baptized in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. I saying all this to say that every now and then more now than then I notice a trend runs through the church world.
For years we had the gay trend, most of them were on the low, now they have come out of the closet and straight from the PIT of Hell into the churches many are in the choir on auxiliary boards, and some are in the pulpit. I’m not just talking about the gays, but lesbianism is also a very large in the church also.
 These and many other trends come with a copycat spirit; when it is demonstrated others pick up that spirit and copy it. This has become a major problem in the churches today and has allowed the fakes and the phonies to hide in the congregation.
So in today’s church world the trend is I’m saved and I’m running for my life!  Everyone in the church said they are saved, an 85% have no works, but according to Acts 1:8 it said after you receive the Holy Ghost you shall have power to cast out demonic spirits, the laying on of hands, and healing the sick. 
Another trend that’s running wide in the church is the use of the name of Jesus.  Whenever you use the name of a person who represents power you must have permission to use that name today, folks are using the name of Jesus against demon forces without permission, this only comes with the Holy Ghost anointing. Jesus name tears down strong holds.
Let’s look in the lesson scripture, in Acts 19:11.  The Vagabond Jews are people who are bound by an oath or a spell who oppose Christians and decided to use the copycat spirit.  Paul was casting out evils spirits in the name of Jesus.
I want to make a serious point here that if you don’t have the power don’t!  I repeat don’t fake it.  In the book of James 2:9 it said that the devil no’s there one God and he trembles, he also knows your spirit and anointing and he comes to steal, kill, or destroy you.
 There are two points I want you to understand
 The vagabond Jews called the evil spirit over to them. Remember every time you enter that spirit world
1.       You risk your well-being an example: (the vagabond Jews were powerless, but they chose to copycat Paul by calling out demons when they had no power).
Don’t use the name without permission, Acts 19:13 said the Jews used the name of Jesus to cast out the evil spirit.
2.        And the evil spirit replied Jesus I know, Paul I know who are you?  The spirits will speak to you and then they will attack you.  Acts 19:16 said they were attacked and were run out of the house wounded and naked.
 Also in the book of Acts, when peter preached the word of God and cast out demons he was jailed and beaten and order not to preach or teach anything in that name. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, and the righteous run there in and are safe. If you don’t know how to use it don’t!
If you buy a gun without a permit and proper training you are just a gun toting inexperience individual and will eventually shout yourself, its the same thing with the name if you’re not trained how to use it the demons will destroy you 
Don’t play with Jesus name

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