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What Did You Do With Your Talents

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 12:19 PM
 What did you do with your Talents
Matthew 25: 14-15
After reading the scriptures you’re probably thinking like most of us, if I had at least one talent I would do this or I would do that.  Before we criticize the slothful servant let’s see what he was working with.
 There are seven weights related to metal (thus creating "coins") are mentioned in the Bible: talent, mina, shekel, beka, gerah, pim, and kesitah.  The three most important weights, are talent, shekel, and gerah . Talent (kikkar), was the largest unit of weight in the Bible, in the parable of the talents three sets of talents were given, 1 talent= $29,085.00, 2 talents = $58,170.00, 3 talents = $145.425.00. As we go into the story keep in mind out of all the metals of value the journeymen gave his servants talents.
Jesus used this parable to explain to the disciples the kingdom of heaven, a parable is simply a story about a person, place, thing or an event, which either took place in the past, present or the future.  David said in 139 Psalms verse 6 (Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, Icannot attain unto it).  Jesus knew if he spoke with his infinite wisdom the disciples would never be able to comprehend what he was trying to formulate, so he spoke in parables.
The Journeymen is Jesus who’s going to a far country (the kingdom of heaven) and will return again, St. John 14:2-3, we are the servants.   He trusts us with his talents (Holy Ghost Act’s 1:8) to use for his gain.  As a receiver and believer Jesus the journeymen expects us to use our talents, gifts, and testimonies to win people to Christ.   
Let’s look at the servants; each servant was given talents according to his several ability.  We wonder why we have certain gifts, such as: healing, prophecy, anointed preaching, anointed singing and much more.  It’s because God already knows you’re capable of using these talents for his glory. Some times as a people we get zealous of others gifts and talents, and ask the question what about me.  The word of God said if you be faithful over a few things he will make you a ruler over many. Utilize what you have and God will give the increase.   The servants were given talents according to their numerous abilities.   Remember God already know how much you can bare.  Everyone’s not going to have a T.D. Jakes or Juanita Bynum ministry, so you must operate in your ministry and be a good servant.  The servant with only one talent had his mind made up he was not going to do anything; he may have been upset displeased or even angry because the other two servants received more than he did (you know how we can be sometime). As saints we don’t want to become like the slothful servant, take your one, two, or three what ever number of talents and use it to the glory of God.   The Lord gave all of us talents it may not be in cash value, but the gift of the Holy Ghost was brought with a price and given to us for free  John said in Revelation 3:11( Behold I come quickly: holdthat fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown) We have at least five awesometalents.
1)      Power … to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy.
2)      Faith …… to believe  you can do all things through Christ
3)      Joy ………. the joy of the Lord is your strength, when you are weak thou art strong
4)      Anointing...  the anointing brakes the yoke
5)      Patience….  To wait on God, Isaiah said thy that wait on the Lord shall renew there strength    
Pick any one of these talents and plant Gods seed and watch it grow.

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