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Be Strong

Posted on May 13, 2013 at 12:14 PM
Joshua 1
As we got closer to the middle of the New Year we probably threw our new year’s resolution out the window and made another one.  This probably happened because of the strain, stress and cares of this world.  It’s not strange to want to quit or throw your hands up and walk out, but I want to tell you don’t do it.   You must stand still and see the salvation of the lord, remember God won’t put any more on us than we can bear; he has groomed us for whatever job he has for us. 
 The lord spoke to Joshua and instructed him to take the children of Israel on the other side of Jordan.  What a task! Can you put yourself in his shoes? He had thousands of Gods people that were in slavery as well as born into slavery that were now free.  Can you image the mindset of the people that are angry, sad, and stressed out with disbelief?   Joshua had to take a group of people across Jordan and show them that the lord would bless them.
 Let’s look at this real close, those same people left Egypt after 450 years of being in bondage, they went across the red sea on dry ground.  I’m sure there was this rejection of Gods man servant (Moses), as they traveled through the desert, and many die traveling and walking in a circle for 40 years.
 So now its Joshua’s turn and the lord gave him a charge to bring his people to the land of milk and honey. Joshua was given instructions by God to be strong, God knew that Joshua’s task would be great, he reiterated his instructions on three occasions in the first chapter on how he wanted him to be strong and courageous, Joshua followed Gods ordinances to the letter and was blessed.
You and I will also be blessed as long as we follow Gods plan. You may have some concerns regarding your spiritual life, but know that God will be with you in spirit, as he was with Moses and Joshua he will be with you also.
As Joshua crossed the Jordan the lord raised the water to allow the children of Israel to walk through dry ground. The lord did this to let Joshua know that it was he that did it for Moses at the Red Sea, and that he will do the same for him at the river Jordan. God will take care of us, for he said in his word he will never leave us or forsake us, for our God is not a man that he could lie.
The Test
Because we are special to God and he loves us we will be tested and tried.   In the 7 chapter he was tested Joshua told his men to spy out the land of AI, upon their return the men said we didn’t need thousands of soldiers because the enemies were few. Joshua had sent three thousands soldiers, to take over AI.  Surprisingly AI defeated Israel.  Joshua was discouraged he went before the Lord to ask why they were defeated. The lord told Joshua he was angry because he didn’t follow his soldiers didn’t follow the instructions that were given.  God let him know that he was not with him in battle because of the sin that was in his camp. (Joshua7:19-21).
Joshua was tested by God to see if he would follow his ordinance. Joshua now had to chastise his cousin for stealing and causing the children of Israel to lose the battle to AI. 
God was very angry with Joshua’s cousin for what he had done, and gave Joshua the instructions to stone and burn his cousin Ashcan, along with his entire family and all of their personal property. In return Joshua would win the battle and defeat AI.  
The point of this class is to know that when you are tested and tried by God it’s for a purpose and that purpose is to make us better people of God, he wants us to be strong in the lord and in the power of his might putting on the whole armor of God so that you can withstand the fiery darts of the devil. Go through your test and trust in God and he will always bring you out.

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